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From Despair to Hope: Activating one’s Sage Powers

By: Sherrilene Classen, PhD.

Yesterday was a dead-end path for me, full of despair—or could have been— had I not gone through a process of what I have come to know as positive intelligence.

Walking the Path of Despair: First, I got notice that my business bank account has closed (unknowing to me) and that deposits were floating somewhere in virtual space, in some cloud, in some unknown place. Despite various attempts to re-open the account, I faced stumbling blocks everywhere. The bank representative did not respond in a timely fashion as he was “in-and-out” of the office. The account was reinstated but rapidly closed again—as he had not deposited money (from my savings account) into the business account. And when I tried to call him, he was “out again” and the rep who tried to help me told me that this issue is beyond his paygrade. So, dead-end, at least temporarily. Next, because I am so limited in my physical movement, and the only activity that I can sustain with some level of tolerable pain, is riding my bike. In fact, it feels so freeing to move without any pain, that my bike has currently become a mental health practice for me. This was good, until the shifter broke, that left me with only the two highest gears being intact—neither of which I could manage presently. The bike shop informed us that they did not have the part—and I now had to wait for a week before the ordered shifter would arrive, and then be installed. Another dead-end! Third, and most distressing at the time, the scheduler at my surgeon’s practice informed me, after five days of anticipatory waiting, that the insurance company has denied my surgery—which has been discussed in detail with my surgeon—and which is the only true permanent solution for my current physical issue. It is now six weeks that I have been enduring pain varying from debilitating to excruciating. Moreover, all of these events, or supposed dead-end incidences, occurred on the same morning. Of course, I was disappointed, surprised, and just plain angry!

Recognizing the Saboteurs: And then, after feeling these emotions—I recognize my Saboteurs wanting to kick in because things were not going my way. Now the saboteurs, who are the first generals of the Judge (the voice that we all have that is judging people, circumstances, and the self to be wrong, insufficient, inadequate, dumb, etc.) function on a subconscious and primitive level to keep us safe and secure. However, they will always, when in action, undermine our optimal health and well-being, every time. My main saboteurs are the “Stickler”—wanting everything perfect, the “Controller”—urging me to take charge in every situation, and the “Achiever” which will drive me to exhaustion to reach an acceptable outcome. Activation stress pushed me to take a few deep breaths, and a limping walk with my cane around the house. Then through the grace of divine inspiration I recognized the Saboteurs— all three of them— as my master Saboteurs who were ready to act under the direction of the Judge. But I did not let them. I knew this was my reptilian brain (amygdala) being highjacked and kicking in and that it was ready to blame, name, frame, finger-point, push, manipulate, threaten, and control, in an attempt to get my needs satisfied. After all, I deserved my bank account to work as expected; I must have an operational bike to help me with my stress relief; and of course, I am entitled to the service of my surgeon so I can be pain free and move toward optimum health.

Welcoming the Superpowers of the Sage: And then my Sage powers awaken. Now, I have been contemplating the Saboteurs vs. the Sages for a while —but this unfolding power was astonishingly freeing. I first felt deep empathy, actually compassion (first Sage power) —for myself and the dire needs that I have; compassion for those people wanting to help me but who were caught up in systems issues; and for my partner who tried so hard to help, but without an immediate solution. Then, I started becoming curious and exploring (second Sage power) options. As for my bank account, I was going to (and did) —drive down to the bank to speak in person with a representative. Additionally, I contacted my web-site consultant to help problem solve the payments floating somewhere in virtual space. As for my bike, my curiosity lead me to sensible insight where I realized that my balance is too poor, my range of motion too restricted, my hip strength too impaired, and my hip too unstable, to be on a road bike at this time. Meanwhile, the group fitness room at my local gym had magnificent stationary bikes, not being used during this time of the day, that I could utilize without any danger or environmental challenges. Finally, I “released” any negative thoughts about the denial of my surgery by the insurance company, as the only realistic option for that moment in time. In fact, as I was contemplating all of this—I turned everything over to my Sacred Source—where all wisdom, truth, intelligence and divinity reside.

Unfolding Resolutions: I felt relieve and release and decided to focus on doing the best I can in the present moment. And then, the resolutions started unfolding: Before the day was over, the rep re-opened my bank account and my consultant tracked the payments down. I had a safe and enjoyable ride on the stationary bike and felt emotionally good afterwards. And—my awesome surgeon called me, on my way back from the gym, to tell me he had a peer-to-peer consult with the insurance company’s physician, and suggested a strategy for follow-up steps. So, the outcomes altogether are unfolding—and I am noticing them, but without expectation. For now, I am grateful that the Universe is always happening for us (and not to us)!. In fact, what seemed to be insurmountable issues in the morning, were resolving (not totally) itself by the evening. Life has its own way of teaching us lessons—particularly, that as spiritual beings having a human experience—we must seek the gifts in the challenges, and use our positive intelligence, to continue our evolution during our time in Earth School.

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Melissa Rocci
Melissa Rocci
Oct 10, 2023

Thank you for sharing your day to remind us that we do have a choice in our response to adversity. And that choosing our Sage powers over our Saboteurs creates relief, ease, and connection with our own divinity.

Replying to

Hey Melissa, thank you for your thoughtful replies. I appreciate the time you take to write and to comment. Sherrilene

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