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Inspiration moving To Us Through Us and For Us!

Updated: Feb 18

By Sherrilene Classen, PhD.

“When you are inspired…. dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be”. Patanjali.

Indeed, as the Merriam-Webster dictionary suggests: “Inspiration is a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify them to receive and communicate sacred revelation”.

I can stop right here in addressing “Inspiration” because the above quote and dictionary definition represent so much of the concept. However, from a place of contemplation and openness, I will share how I conceive of inspiration:  

1.       Inspiration invites me to dissolve in the unfolding mystery of the universe. Every time I walk in nature, I am in awe by the sounds, the smells, the surroundings, and the sensations that emanate from the incredible universe around me.


2.       Inspiration often starts by knocking on my heart – allowing it to open and to be filled with compassion for myself and others, realizing that we are all in “this” (life school, situation, context, etc.) together. If one of us suffers, we all suffer; yet, if one of us act from inspiration, we ignite the fire in many to become open, to surrender, to allow, and to receive.


3.       Inspiration teaches me that problems are arising in my life to activate my latent potential. I am grateful for the troubling challenges that allow me to tap into a stream of unfolding potential, where I discover how the challenge is being alchemized into a blossoming gift, that wants to bloom in all of its fullness and magnetizing fragrance.


4.       Inspiration informs me to realize that gratitude is a vibrational attitude. How incredibly powerful to feel gratitude, and to experience being in resonance with people who, and places that, embody such vibrations.


5.       Inspiration makes me realize, again and again, that we are all born with an openness and a readiness to perceive, experience, enjoy, and express the magic, mystery, and miracles of our wondrous world.


6.       Inspiration affords me with the opportunity to live more gratefully, and in appreciation for the experience, that life occurs as an unfolding trajectory of trustworthiness.


7.       Inspiration liberates my mind from future anxieties, and from past guilt, shame, and blame – and places me squarely in the power and potency of PRESENCE.


8.       Inspiration empowers me to move beyond the pain of childhood trauma (presenting as inadequacy and control)—and to turn the core wound into a sacred wound! This sacred wound releases gifts which are expressed as blessings serving the self and others.  


9.       Inspiration liberates me from a limitation mindset and propels me into sharing my gifts, talents, and skills to serve the world and its people with greater passion, purpose, and joy.  


10.   Inspiration reassures me that anything is possible if I stay committed to my dreams, my values, and my vision. Nothing can stop an idea “whose time has come”. (Dr. Wayne Dyer, Inspiration, 2006).


I would love to hear what inspires you, how inspiration moves through you, and for you. And if you are having difficulty to feel inspired, contact me through so together, we can explore how you can invite inspiration back into your life.  

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