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Thoughts on living with integrity while also being socio-economically disadvantaged?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Question: What is our role to ensure that children who are living in poverty are also living with integrity?

First, we are all Spiritual beings (even those who are hungry, poor, marginalized, disabled, etc.) -- having a human experience in this School of Life.

· The human experience is going hand in hand with suffering.

· This is what we came here for—to suffer, to recognize the pain that we are resisting, to start opening (vs. shutting down) to the pain; to feel our feelings; to heal our feelings; and to recognize that when we embrace the pain—the suffering is starting to dissipate.

· Pain is a trigger for suffering.

· Suffering is resolved when we start noticing (being aware) the triggers causing the pain and stop resisting pain.

· We are and will be facing pain and suffering as long as we are humans.

· Every human being has the capacity to lean towards creative opportunities and become an evocator of calling in help (from angels, guides, communities, etc.) and by attracting people and circumstances to improve their situation, to minimize the pain—and to eventually stop the suffering.

· Fully embracing the suffering, paying attention to its characteristics, and being present with creative opportunities will result in turning the circumstance around.

· That is what we came here for—to notice the pain, to feel the suffering, to learn from the triggers, to be aware of our creative capacities and to call in what is necessary to help us emerge out of the suffering, into the light.

Now on to children--

· Children are much more aligned with creative opportunities, imagination, innovation, dreaming and initiative—because they have not yet been institutionalized and conditioned to the extent that adults have.

· For adults—the question then is , how can we become fully aware of the children’s circumstances and use our knowledge, skills, networks, gifts and talents to help facilitate a short, intermediate, and longer-term outcome?

· This is an earth school charge for us to help alleviate suffering—and to facilitate the creative potential of every human being.

· I believe that herein lies the answer to help resolve so many of the crises and burdens that we are exposed to. However, this also requires further exploration and a true presence to what is—and an honest answer to “what is mine to do”?.

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