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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

By: Sherrilene Classen, PhD

This 2023 Labor Day weekend was supposed to be an adventure outing—one that we have prepared for over a prolonged period. This was particularly exciting as I was going to guide some folks who has never hiked in the mountains, and others who has never backpacked and spending overnight, in tents, in the wilderness. And then, 10 days prior to departure, I was incapacitated because of an injury to my left hip (long story and will not bore you with the details) – but essentially, I was literally and figuratively stopped in my tracks. No way that I was going to return to experience another #SacredSummit!

So, human nature is to ask—WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN—and WHY NOW? The first question is the most useless question to ask as it will keep us in non-acceptance and victim mode. This is the voice of ego, the little self that is throwing a temper tantrum, judging, and casting expectations and therefor eliciting a disposition of disappointment towards life throwing curve balls at us! This is of course occurring because life is not what ego expected it to be—and cannot adapt or manage in a resilient way—and therefore the only alternative is resistance, rejection of reality, and refusal of accepting the circumstance that is presenting itself (in my case injury and a diversion of exciting plans). Indeed, it chains us to immobility—and robs us from the opportunity to learn and to grow—which is a lifelong function on the trajectory of evolution.

The second question— WHY NOW— is a bit better, because it directs us to meaning making, if we stay open and self-aware. It also helps us to tap into our feelings. The miracle here is that if we feel the feelings, allow it to flow through us, stay open to the experience, embrace the discomfort, and are present in acknowledging the associated emotions (anger, disappointment, hurt, etc.) – we are in the process of starting the healing. Feeling = healing!

The best question, however, is to ask: WHAT ARE THE NEXT LOGICAL STEPS for me to implement— and in so doing, ensuring that I am progressing towards managing the adversity (physical, emotional, mental, social and/or spiritual). This question will move us towards restoration, recuperation, and a full return to the active participation that we desire. This is the question that reverberates the voice of Spirit—our higher and wiser self, guiding us towards what is positive, proactive, and uplifting. The reassurance is: if you are in alignment with voice of Spirit, rest assured in knowing that: “If we desire it, we deserve it! That is our birth right.” So, for my friends out on the trail, enjoy the abundance of life! I am thinking about you all—as I am learning to see the gift in the adversities of life!

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