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From Hope to Resolve: A Path to Explore, Innovate, Navigate & Activate

By: Sherrilene Classen, PhD.

In my previous blog I have outlined three situations that greatly challenged my resilience. Instead of finding these situations hopeless and giving in to emotions of frustration, disappointment, concern, and fearfulness, I resorted to a resource that is proven to be meaningful for all of us when the school of life send us hard knocks. This resource is identifying one’s Saboteurs, and acknowledging them as the ones that will also rob one form inner peace, joy, love, freedom and forgiveness—the five yearnings of our soul— according to Martha Beck’s assertions in her book The Way of Integrity. Luckily, for all of us, we are also endowed, via pathways in our higher brain (middle prefrontal cortex) with Sages—the antidotes to the Saboteurs that help us to empathize, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate.

So, this week—in the same order as these three unfortunate events unfolded for me, they started to resolve, one by one. For the first challenge, i.e., erroneous closure of my business bank account, I intervened (Sage= Activate) by physically driving to the bank to speak with a representative. Still, no one knew where the deposited money exactly was, but I started to investigate the paths in the system (Sage= Explore)—and eventually tracked the issues down, which resulted in the money being deposited in my account within two business days (Sage= Navigate). Victory!

The second situation pertained to the shifter of my Cannondale Synapse Road bike that broke. The bike shop did not have the part and we (actually, my wonderful partner) had to order it – and learned that it will not arrive for another week. The dilemma here is that I am a physically active person that has been stopped in my tracks due to a hip issue—and the only activity that I am able to execute without a pain level of exceeding a 3/10 (on a 10-point pain scale) – was indeed cycling. So, again, I had to resort to being curious and considering other opportunities (Sage= Explore). I resorted to started doing upper body training again (which I have not done in a while) and riding the stationary bike at the gym (Sages= Innovate, Activate). Thus overall, the benefit is that I am “safer” on the stationary bike and am benefitting from a more balanced workout including strength training, toning, and stretching for my upper body. Win-Win!

Then finally, the major challenge—not receiving authorization from my insurance company for a critical surgery that needs to occur as recommended by my surgeon—also unfolded in a series of positive events. My wonderful surgeon called me, personally (Yes!) and mentioned that he had a peer-to-peer discussion with the insurance company physician, who denied the claim based on my “no-show” in physical therapy (PT). For anyone who knows me, you will say: “not possible”, particularly because I am so committed to my overall health and physical fitness. Well, I will not go into all the details, but I did uncover some errors in my medical record (Sage= Explore, Navigate) – including faulty documentation and absence of critical information pertaining to continued medical tests that precluded me from participating in PT. Of course, being committed to my progress and recovery, I developed an Excel spreadsheet, on day one of instituting my PT home exercise program and logged all my exercises by sets/reps/pain level/ medical consults, and the outcomes of my conversations with my health care providers, including the PT (Sage= Innovate, Activate). I forwarded this documentation to my surgeon and PT—who send that with updated reports to the insurance company, and within a day I received authorization for the surgery to occur. Triumph!

All the above occurred, because first, I realized that I felt very much let down. Next, I embraced my feelings, as I have learned that feeling is healing—and it was through embracing my feelings (disappointment, frustration, anger, and despair) that I realized I had a choice: I could either concede to the negative emotions and feel more miserable, or activate my higher powers and do what is possible towards a positive outcome. The choice was clear. With an open mind and disposition of problem-solving and proactive solution seeking—which meant no frustration, no irritation, no controlling, no disrespectful treatment of anyone else, and even no expectation towards the outcome (because that will cause further frustration)— and with the brilliant guidance of my inner Sages (or higher power or most soulful self), I moved from feeling hopeful to seeing the resolve for each of the three challenges!

For guidance towards identifying your Saboteurs and activating your Sages—contact us for a free 30-minute consult at:

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