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Why is this site called SacredSummit?

If I must be a better human being, loving myself, my neighbor, and my inner being, taking care of myself, my loved ones, and the world -- then the mountains are my cathedral and the summits my high priests teaching me to see the holiest of holies. It is in communion with these sacred mountains, valleys, peaks and summits that I meet the Infinite Source with awe and experience the Creator of all Intelligence with honesty and complete vulnerability.

I see the summit not as something to be conquered, but rather as a wondrous manifestation of nature – that demands respect and elicits admiration. This is indeed the zenith that marks recent past aspirations, now being achieved—and the fulcrum of future dreams, yet to be cognized.

Reaching the top is not the end goal, returning safely home always is. But standing on that summit opens an inner portal towards self-awareness and heightened consciousness. It is there where I again and again experience my emptiness and my fulness, my insignificance and my relevance, the void and the abundance, my darkness and my radiance—the duality and the non-dual unity. It is there that I am in complete coherence with the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omni relational presence of the Sacred. It is there on the summit that I return to my naked soul—and know again my purpose is to live, to love, to be peace, to forgive, and to be free.

And that is why this site is called SacredSummit – for all who so desire, to journey towards their summit, to be returned to the naked soul, and to be transformed in the process.

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